Summer 2015 Showcase now published

cs12aJuly is the month of Liberty, some would say, or certainly of noisy and demonstrative celebration of nation and culture. On the 4th, America goes misty-eyed in the dawn’s early light. On the 12th it’s bowler hats, white gloves, and sashes on the streets of Belfast. On the 14th in France le jour de gloire est arrivé

Here at the zen space we can be quieter, but just as colourful, because the Summer 2015 Showcase is now published. It includes art by Claudia Schoenfeld, to which the poetry of our contributors are certainly not captions. To visit the showcase, either hover your pointer over ‘Experience’ and scroll down, or click here.

By the way, please let the editor know if there are any particular problems with viewing the Showcases in the browser you use. thezenspace{a}

Some interesting, exciting, and quirky ideas for future Showcases are already bubbling under, by the way…

Call for submissions for Summer 2015

Fukuda_Suiko-No_Series-Peony_and_Bee-00034592-030708-F12a bee passes by
weighed with the gold of flowers
this buzzing morning

The Summer 2015 Showcase is due to be published on the 1st of July. I’m opening it to submissions this time, and I’m looking for ‘buzz poetry’ – that’s my name for any haiku or short form of words that is in-the-moment, of-the-moment, expressive, thought-provoking, emotion-evoking, or just zen-cool.

I would like to hear from new contributors, though old friends are welcome too. Just click on the ‘Submission’ tab and email me something. It doesn’t have to be on any particular theme, so surprise me with your brilliance…


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Spring 2015 Showcase now published.

peacockYes, its April 1st, and right on cue the Spring 2015 Showcase is with us! That’s the fifteenth e-issue of the zen space. We have new names and old for you this time, plus mandalas by Marie Taylor. To visit the Showcase, either hover your pointer over ‘Experience’ above and scroll down, or click here. Enjoy!


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Winter 2015 Showcase now published!

1It contains some finely assembled words from various writers, plus the watercolour sketches of Elena Caravela. It’s a good one, readers! To access it, hover your cursor over the ‘Experience’ tab and track downwards, or click here.

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Autumn 2014 Showcase now published

snoek-rougarou… and this time I am very pleased to have Sam Snoek-Brown as guest editor. To visit the showcase, hover your pointer over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down, or go here. Enjoy!

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A couple of places you might like to visit

The Haiku Foundation has a mission statement of which this is an extract:


Quite ambitious, but the extensive web site is certainly worth visiting.

Hot Cross Haiku, based in Australia, may not be quite as ambitious in scope, but it is still well worth a visit. Check it out. In the case of both sites, please do mention, if communicating, that you heard about them via the zen space.


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Summer 2014 Showcase now published

Grape_Skin_PE_5_ResveratrolThe 12th Showcase here at the zen space is now published – Summer 2014. I can count, but I find it difficult to divide by four, as you may have noticed. the zen space has now been published for three years. To visit the showcase hover your cursor over the ‘Experience’ tab above, or click here. Enjoy – you deserve it!

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