The Winter 2019 Showcase is now published!

11As I type these words it is 7am on New Year’s Day 2019. It is still dark outside and an owl is hooting. Were I cleverer with words, a haiku would spring from this moment. As it is, instead, I lay before you a rather strange Showcase…

There are parallel offerings in English/French and English/Magyar, the latter I am taking on trust because I have no knowledge of the language, so let’s live dangerously. There is decidedly non-haiku-esque poetry. There is a piece of prose about a zen master. There are illustrations from a children’s anti-vivisection story.

I have enjoyed scrambling it together at the last possible moment. If you want to read it – and why wouldn’t you? – please hover your pointer over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down, or click here.

Oh shut up, owl, you’ve made your point.

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The Autumn 2018 Showcase is now published.

Picasso 2Poetry portrays Pablo Picasso projecting proud poses.

Be like Pablo – pose proudly!

Man Ray’s photo-portait of a youngish Pablo Picasso introduces our latest Showcase, which blends autumn colours in words with monochrome photography from the twentieth century.

To visit, hover your pointer over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down, or, if you like things easy, click here.


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The Summer 2018 Showcase is published

One week behind schedule, but it’s here!

This time, as well as new names providing the words, we have the wonderful photography of Elan Mudrow. Can you see a face in the picture below?

The words are amazing, diverse, surprising. In order to find out more either hover your cursor over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down to the bottom, or alternatively click here.

the woods are watching

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Late again…

Karl Valentin 1021… but have no fear, I intend to turn this lateness into an opportunity.karl-valentin-1022 I’m delaying the publication of the Summer 2018 Showcase here at the zen space for a week, while I sort out some issues (I won’t bore you with them).

This means that you have an extra week in which to contribute! I am especially looking for new ‘names’ – people who have not had anything published here before. So if you are new to our Showcases please contribute (as per the instructions under the ‘Submission’ tab). And if you happen to know of anyone else who may be new to us, please pass this invitation on to them.

What I am looking for is haiku of course, but not just haiku. I like to feature any short, in-the-moment poems and poem-like words. Let me see what you’ve got.

the zen space has now been published since 2011, which is actually a lot longer than I had expected. I would like to say thank you to the many people who contribute, and also to those who read the Showcases. I hope you will all continue to support this little venture – and don’t forget to pass the word along.

Once again, in case you missed it above, I’m delaying publication of the Summer 2018 Showcase, and extending the deadline for submissions. You have an extra week!


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Against the odds…

… we only manage to be a day late! Superhuman or what?

the zen space IS NOW PUBLISHED!

4It’s bursting with words, with haiku, with haiga, with poetry, with colour, with doodles, and it’s all waiting for you. Visit it right now – either hover your pointer over the ‘EXPERIENCE’ tab and scroll down to the bottom, or click on the illustration to the left, or click here. Enjoy!

the zen space

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Lateness is becoming a habit…

Karl Valentin 1021I wish this were an April Fool, but I have to apologise for a potential delay in publishing once again. This time it’s various domestic circumstances that have occurred within the last twenty-four hours. I hope to publish by next weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment…


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Well, actually…

200 BunnymanI did manage to get the Winter 2018 Showcase published today! Callooh! Callay! So come and join the Bunnyman and his friends over there, and celebrate Hogmanay.

Actually, I don’t think we mention Hogmanay at all, but there’s a goodly amount of other stuff for your delight. So either hover your pointer over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down until a link for the Winter 2018 Showcase appears, then click on it. Alternatively, please feel free to click here.

By the way, I check out how the site looks using Google Chrome. If it looks at all odd in your browser, please let me know. I’m not sure there’ll be much I can do about it, but it would be useful to know. Thanks.


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