Watch this space…

… in case something happens. It may have something to do with haiku.

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2 thoughts on “Watch this space…

  1. Amera says:

    You told me not to “study” Haiku but you know me! I’m a professional student! The master Masaoka Shiki told his disciples that they had only to look carefully at one scene in nature to be able to produce over 20 HAIKU. Shiki wrote tens of thousands over his short lifetime of 36 years. Many are excellent and as vibrant and full of meaning today as when they were written. Following are two processes you can use to compose your first HAIKU, or to write your best HAIKU. The first suggests the study of Japanese HAIKU before you try International HAIKU and the second suggests that the appreciation of nature and your own imagination is enough.

    • Well, Sis, you know me too, and you know my exacting standards. 🙂

      I would still say this when it comes to haiku: Don’t study. Be.

      For a start, I don’t honestly think haiku can be classified as poetry. It uses words, sure. I know that the more I try to describe it the more elusive it becomes.

      I’ll tell you what – get hold of the British Museum book ‘Haiku’ and read through that. You can get it from Amazon. Read it, don’t study it. I think you will enjoy it.


      PS By the way would you mind if I deleted our comments on the ‘Submissions’ page? I didn’t mean to have comments open on that page.

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