Submissions invited for the Summer 2012 Showcase

I thought it would be fun to collect haiku, senryu, what-have-you, that use Basho’s famous ‘splash’ haiku as their starting-point. Feel inspired? If not please feel free to send in anything else that occurs to you between now and the end of the month.

Anything not immediately used will be held in the zen reservoir.


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4 thoughts on “Submissions invited for the Summer 2012 Showcase

  1. alee9 says:

    My contribution for the this showcase. Please let me know if it fits. thanks for the invitation!

    again we skim
    the depths

    breathing out
    and beyond

    a drop of sky

    Alegria Imperial

    • Thank you for this. However please see the ‘Submission’ tab for the correct route for submissions. It rather defeats the object when writers post their work on a comment thread.

      Kind regards,

      Marie M

  2. Alegria Imperial says:

    I’m sorry, Marie! I’m getting used to the ‘post it’ or ‘cut and paste in a mail’ for submissions that I glossed over that paragraph about letting ‘ink breach paper paper’, so wonderfully said, in the submission guidelines. I’ll mail this to you shortly. Thanks for sending me a note.

    Kind regards,


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