Autumn 2012 Showcase

I’m pleased to announce that the Autumn 2012 Showcase is now published. It is full of work, new and familiar, by writers, new and familiar.

To visit the Showcase, hover your cursor over the Experience tab to find the drop-down link, or click here. All welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Autumn 2012 Showcase

  1. Yousei Hime says:

    Lovely, lovely. I’m sorry that life was too busy to let me send something your way. Instead, I’ll take what time I have and enjoy this thoroughly.

  2. Geoffrey winch says:

    Marie – Lovely Autumn Showcase – my own contribution seemed to fit in comfortably. Thank you for including me. Do it again sometime? Would really like to. Currently enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon – nice and relaxed. Geoffrey Winch

  3. peter butler says:

    Marie – You set the bar high in the thought and content you put into The Zen Space. An example for others to follow – as both readers and writers looking to develop into this wonderful sector of poetry,Thank you. Peter B

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