Some personal news from the editor

I am not really supposed to use the zen space to blow my own trumpet, but I know that readers here are interested in poetry. In view of that, I feel that there’s no harm in mentioning some poetry publishing news.

My 2010 collection of poems Naked in the Sea, complete with original cover artwork by Marcello Minnia, is now available in its second imprint, in download versions. If you have Kindle you can buy it on Amazon; meanwhile P’kaboo Publishers have a pdf download available. Of course the first imprint is still available in print from Masque Publishing.

In 2013 my second collection, I am not a fish, will be available from Oversteps. It will be an entry for the 2013 T S Eliot Prize. Also due out in 2013 is the first volume of The Phoenix Rising from its Ashes, the first major anthology of sonnets in the 21st century; I am on the editorial team, and I can tell you it has been a labour of love for all of us on the team.

More news as I get it.


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5 thoughts on “Some personal news from the editor

  1. angie werren says:

    oh, how exciting! congratulations!!

  2. alee9 says:

    Congratulations!! Great news that deserves a trumpet sound! Thanks for sharing it.

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