New poetry book by Marie Marshall

I am not a fish cover 150The editor of the zen space (that’s me!) has a new collection of poetry coming out soon, published by Oversteps Books in the UK. The book is entitled I am not a fish, and the collection consists of poems which have never been seen or published before. They aren’t haiku, but are… hmm… how to describe them? A surreal ramble through the psyche in the company of random anthropomorphic figures, including an orang-utan, an elephant, several Japanese beetles, a bat-winged alien with a penchant for the game of cricket, and of course a fish-in-denial.

it will be available, I believe, through various commercial channels, but if you would like one of a limited number of signed pre-launch copies, have a look here. I might even be prepared to include a personal message. We have had to buy copies up front, hence the price might look a wee bit high, but that’s to take account of postage and packing.

Other news – I am just about to set things up for a guest editor for the next Showcase at the zen space. This will be the first time I have tried doing things this way, and I’m excited to know how things will go.


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One thought on “New poetry book by Marie Marshall

  1. Julie Mundy says:

    Thanks Marie – I have just ordered a copy from Bookseeker Agency, and it’s going to make it’s way out here to Oz via Nottingham, Cyprus and Italy – changing hands to find it’s way to me. Fitting somehow. Really looking forward to it. J.

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