Submissions invited for the Summer 2017 Showcase.

As always, I’m particularly interested in hearing from people who have not been published here at the zen space before. But equally I’m happy to hear from familiar ‘names’, though I would ask you to wait patiently for one or showcases to go by before submitting more material for consideration.

I have some suggestions for potential contributors this time.

  • 2Tanka. As you know, the core of the zen space is haiku, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. I am always looking for short, in-the-moment use of words, no matter what form they fall into. Recently tanka has come into my mind, thanks to the review I recently posted here. Why not compose some for me?
  • Words inspired by art. Or, not so much an exercise in ekphrasis, more an expression of the momentary experience of a work of art. What I don’t want to see, however, is the work of art itself. I don’t even necessarily need to know what the work of art is. Convey the moment you stood before it. (Just to be entirely contradictory, I’ve included here a detail from a painting that struck me recently.)
  • It is currently midsummer here in Scotland. In the Antipodes it’s midwinter. In many other parts of the world such seasons are not even recognised or recognisable. Can you write me something that expresses a moment of standing in one season or climate and being struck but its opposite? A parched throat in a rainy season? A shiver in heat? A colour in a colourless landscape?

Deadline is the day before publication, which is July 1st. I love last-moment work!


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6 thoughts on “Submissions invited for the Summer 2017 Showcase.

  1. I have some images and haiku on my latest blog post. perhaps you would like to have a look?

  2. eido boru says:

    Gidday Zen Space How about a combined Tanka/Kyoka and a Senryu for the Summer 2017.

    *POP UP GRANDMA* By Eido Boru, Australia

    the local mall a vacant shop pop up poetry old desk two chairs paper and pen

    five dollars an original verse Grandma’s birthday

    Hope this meets with your approval Eido Boru, Australia

    • Hi. Thanks for this. Normally I discourage people from dropping submissions here in the comment thread – there’s a proper submissions procedure. The main reason for this is that putting it here lets everyone see it before publication date. Plus it takes away my editorial privilege, if you see what I mean.

      Nevertheless, I’ll let the comment stand, so I can make this point again. And I’ll put this piece into the pot for consideration too. 🙂

      Friends, there is a submission procedure. Please see the ‘Submission’ tab for details. Please get in touch by email if you wish to send me something for publication. Thanks.

      [eido boru – if you would like to submit some more for me to look at, please do. I would be glad to take a look at them. 🙂 ]

  3. godhooli Dinesh says:

    If you allow to publish my Haiga, Nepal, a far distance Himalayan country, I will be happy to submit you the one I have finished yesterday.

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