The Summer 2019 Showcase is now published

Yes! Go there without further ado! Hover your pointer over the “Experience” tab and scroll down – if you haven’t seen our previous Showcases you might care to make a little stop on the way down – or click here.

Do you write in short bursts? Are you a dab hand at haiku, senryu, or anything of the suchlike? the zen space would like to hear from you. Details of how to submit your work can be found by clicking on the “Submission” tab. [I’m sorry, but submissions made in comments are not accepted.]

Anyhow, time for you to enjoy, so get clicking!

Marie Marshall
the zen space

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4 thoughts on “The Summer 2019 Showcase is now published

  1. memadtwo says:

    Do you have artist names for the images?

    • Only for two or three of them. I thought about adding them as captions, but decided it would be better on the eye if all the images were captionless. From the top, however, I can identify them as follows:
      3. Dante Gabriel Rosetti
      4. Sarah Snazell
      6. Jane Ianniello
      8. Graham Dean
      9. Sebastian Bieniek
      10. Margo Selski (I think)

      • memadtwo says:

        Thanks! It’s a great pairing of word and image.
        Perhaps a list at the end? As an artist, I always think credit should be given for images that are used. A friend found something of mine floating around the Internet with no credit, and I was not happy. I would always try to both ask permission ( for a contemporary artist) and give the artist’s name. Just as I would not use someone else’s words without giving credit.

      • Well, that’s rather what we’ve got here (above). Believe me, if I could have found a name to put to the others I would have done so. An exhaustive Google Image search came up with nothing, and I left them captionless for the reason already stated. I stand by my editorial decision on this occasion, which was taken for aesthetic reasons, but I do take your point.

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