The Winter 2021 Showcase is now published.

I hate to start this announcement with a moan, but thanks to the “improvements” made by WordPress, actually getting a Showcase online takes twice as long. Also, features such as indenting text, embedding hyperlinks in text, and so on are either no longer options, or the commands for such actions are so well-hidden that it is simply not worth spending time doing it. WordPress, listen! the zen space has had a ten year association with your platform, and this editor is not pleased with all the fancy-dannery that makes publishing more complicated. Get your act together, remove all the unnecessary new features and bring back the useful stuff! Or I’ll look for a better platform.

Having said that, I’m pleased to announce that the Winter 2021 Showcase is now published! If you would like to see it, please hover your cursor over the ‘Experience’ tab and scroll down. Alternatively just click on the following link, which is impossible to embed in text:

Yeah, I know, I know. 😀


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