The next Showcase is due out on April 1st…

… which seems like a good excuse for some short bursts of foolery. What do you think? As usual, I’ll look at anything you send, but I am particularly looking for new names, so pass it on!

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3 thoughts on “The next Showcase is due out on April 1st…

  1. JT Styles says:

    Just had your book Naked In The Sea in my hands a few days ago, love your poetry. Hope to see more of your works soon. You always make me think and leave me wishing I could write just a fraction as well as you do.

    • Well, I’m not actually writing at all at the moment, Jan. I’m having a long break, and I don’t know when/if I’ll start again. But I’m glad you still enjoy ‘Naked in the Sea’.

      • JT Styles says:

        Aw hope you will write again, I treasure your mind’s bounty. I understand needing a break, can’t replenish without them. Enjoy your time away from writing Marie.

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