The Autumn 2022 Showcase is now published!

Utagawa Hiroshige – Red fish

You know, this is such a simple journal, and yet the technical headaches of putting together a Showcase can quickly develop into a migraine. Our new Autumn Showcase has been published, and I am sure you will uncover glitches that I have missed. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it. Hover your pointer over the “Experience” tab and scroll down to find this and previous Showcases. Or, if you are feeling lazy, you can simply go here!

Of course I am still looking for new talent, both in words and illustrations. Be in touch!

Marie Marshall


the zen space


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2 thoughts on “The Autumn 2022 Showcase is now published!

  1. Jonathan Memmert says:

    I am a poetry MFA student at The City College of New York and I am curious if you are open for Winter 2023 issue submissions.

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