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The Spring 2022 Showcase is now published

The Spring 2022 Showcase is now published! Hover your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scroll down, or click here.




The Winter 2022 Showcase is now published!

Happy New Year!

There’s a new Showcase for you to read, the forty-second one we have published so far. Who knew this venture would last this long? To access the Winter 2022 Showcase, hover your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scroll down the pop-up list. Alternatively you can click here.

By the way, my constant call is for new “names” for the zen space, new people who can pen short-burst, in-the-moment poetry, haiku, senryu, and so on. Also artists who catch my eye, to add something visual to a showcase. So I am relying on our readers to pass on the message, to call out on our behalf, so we can see who’s out there…

That includes fairies.


The Autumn 2021 Showcase is now published…

… and it’s full of swallows and poetry.

To visit, hover your cursor over the “experience” tab and scroll down to the bottom. Or click here.


The Spring 2021 Showcase is now published!

Despite the web platform’s best attempts to make format and layout even harder than it could be, we’re here again, and on time! To see the April Foolish Showcase, hover your pointer over the “Experience” tab and scroll down until you find it. Or you can click here. Enjoy!

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You may have noticed that the one writer whose words I do not feature in the Showcases is myself. However, if you happen to want to read some of my poetry, this reblog is a good enough place to start. It is the latest ‘short burst’ in my poetry blog. Feel free to visit and to wander through the archives.

Kvenna ráð


13 © Marie Marshall


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Three of my old poems about crows…

… to inspire you to write your own.

crows 3

crows 1

This poem was part of my collection I am not a fish. Click on it to find out more.


crows 4

crows 2

Summer 2015 Showcase now published

cs12aJuly is the month of Liberty, some would say, or certainly of noisy and demonstrative celebration of nation and culture. On the 4th, America goes misty-eyed in the dawn’s early light. On the 12th it’s bowler hats, white gloves, and sashes on the streets of Belfast. On the 14th in France le jour de gloire est arrivé

Here at the zen space we can be quieter, but just as colourful, because the Summer 2015 Showcase is now published. It includes art by Claudia Schoenfeld, to which the poetry of our contributors are certainly not captions. To visit the showcase, either hover your pointer over ‘Experience’ and scroll down, or click here.

By the way, please let the editor know if there are any particular problems with viewing the Showcases in the browser you use. thezenspace{a}

Some interesting, exciting, and quirky ideas for future Showcases are already bubbling under, by the way…