Always on the lookout for new “names.”

Yeah, even you, Han Solo. Can you write haiku or short-burst in-the-moment poetry? I’m on the lookout for people I’ve never published before – writers and artists. Get in touch.

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The Autumn 2020 Showcase is now published!

Autumn is upon us, after a sparkling September, here in Scotland, which only shed tears on its dying day. And with October comes the Autumn Showcase. Yes – it’s published! To visit, hover your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scroll down, or click here. Visit. Enjoy!



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The Summer 2020 Showcase is now published


Well, it is mid-summer here in Northern Temperate latitudes, so it is time for another Showcase. It’s a place of peace in a world that is currently turbulent. Not that I am an advocate of false peace – I’m a firm believer that silence is violence – but we all have a duty of care towards ourselves, so that we may be at our best among others.

This Showcase is a haven of haiku, mandalas, and poetry. The mandalas are courtesy of are resident artist Marie Taylor.

To visit the Showcase, hover your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scroll down, or click here.

Stay safe, stay sane, and do what you can to make this a better world.




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If ever a time did not feel right to call for poetry…

Image: AP/Gerald Herbert

If ever a time did not feel right to call for poetry, if ever poetry felt like a privilege, that time is now. Nevertheless I am still aiming for a publication date of 1st July for the next Showcase here, and to that end I’m putting out a last call for submissions.

As always I am especially hoping to hear from “new voices.”

Oh how I would love for those new voices to be those of the habitually unheard. But one can’t go seeking, or it would seem like unsolicited patronage. All I can say is that this door is open.

It is as open to new artwork as it is to haiku and other short-burst poetry. Habitually I scavenge the internet for artwork. I would very much like to feature more original visual material. Please, bring it to me.

Thank you.


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The Spring 2020 Showcase is now published!

Hello World? What’s it like under lock-down?

Perhaps we’ll get a whole lot of lock-down haiku and poetry next time. Seriously, I hope everyone is managing to keep safe and well.

Anyhow, the Spring 2020 Showcase is now live. You can get to it the scenic route (by hovering your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scrolling down), or the quick route (by clicking here).

Welcome one, welcome all.

Marie Marshall
the zen space

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How am I doing?

That was a rhetorical question by the way. I’m doing much the same as anyone trying to isolate themselves socially, whilst having no idea whether what I am being told is true. I ventured out yesterday, just to get some top-up supplies, and found a country still full of traffic, open businesses, and stuff in the shops (with one notable exception).

What has this to do with the zen space? Very little, except to say that I shall do my best to get the Spring showcase out on time.

By the way – do you think it would be in bad taste to illustrate it with examples of the various ways the corona virus has been depicted. On the one hand people have died, on the other hand these depictions have a strange, unearthly beauty. Let me know.


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The Winter 2020 Showcase is now published!

Another new year is upon us, and with it another showcase.

Readers, spread the word. I’m looking – always looking – for new names for the Showcases. I want anyone who can write haiku or other short forms that are in-the-moment. See the “Submission” tab for how to put forward your work.

Anyhow, this Showcase… hover your cursor over the “Experience” tab and scroll down the list until you get to the bottom. Or, if you want an easy ride, click here.

May your year be filled with moments. Well, you can hardly avoid ’em.

Marie Marshall


the zen space

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A few suggestions for the next Showcase…

  1. The wind
  2. Numbers
  3. A young woman in a dress the colour of sunrise

As always, I welcome new names and new voices, and original artwork.

And while you’re here, this is my latest 4-5-6 piece.

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The Autumn 2019 Showcase is now published

I love typos. One letter changed would have reversed the title of this post to “The Autumn 2019 Showcase is NOT published,” and in fact that’s exactly what I did type in the first instance. This time, the Showcase has been slung together, with abandon, at the very last moment. But then I love doing that. I love balancing planning with recklessness. To enjoy it, either hover your pointer over “Experience” and scroll down, or click here.

I’m always on the lookout for new contributors – people who can sling a few short lines together and leave a fleeting impression. Haiku is the starting point, of course, but not necessarily the finishing line. What say?


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There’s less than a week to go…

… to the new Showcase, and I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do!

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