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The Winter 2023 Showcase is now published!

A few day’s late, but we got there!

We’re looking forward to your visits and comments. The collection of haiku and other short and in-the-moment poetry is very fine on this occasion. As it always is – our contributors are very talented!

To visit the Showcase, hover your pointer over the “Experience” tab and scroll carefully down. If you wish to skip that discipline (tut tut!) you can feel free to click here. No one is looking over your shoulder!

I am always on the lookout for new names, so please pass on the message to any writers of quick-fire poetry and haiku that you happen to know of. the zen space is basically an English language publication, but I will consider work in other languages, if submitted with an English translation. Guidelines can be found on the “Submission” page.

I’m also looking out for original artwork to compliment the poetry. In the past we have featured everything from cartoons to mandalas!

If you are a new reader, please feel free to browse (all!) our other Showcases!

Meanwhile have a sunrise to prepare you for the sunsets in the Showcase…



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