Autumn 2011 showcase

'Invitation is my name' (c) Marie Taylor

Pushing the boat out.

With a gentle push the boat is propelled out into the river. It is only when the current takes it and begins to sweep it away that we realise that the boat is empty, we are on the shore, and we have been left behind. There is an impulse to run along the bank of the river after the boat, to grab a weighted line and throw it, or to take up a fallen branch from the tree and to reach for the boat, in an attempt to arrest its escape. Or there is an impulse to stand and to watch it out of sight, holding our breath until it has disappeared around that far bend.

However, one of us has spent his time looking instead at the river and remembering that, as I put it in one of my own poems recently, ‘she never looks at the same sky twice’.

This is the first showcase for new haiku and related poetry here at the zen space. In this autumn case we display words by an international cast of haijinJohannes S H Bjerg, David Cobb, A D’Agio, Stella Pierides, Patricia Prime, Bill Ramsey, and Angie Werren – along with image by our to-be-regular artist Marie Taylor. Thanks to them you may catch glimpses of our boat, the river, the sky, or any combination of the three – each one writes in his or her own way.

Marie Marshall
the zen space


David Cobb

lonesome scarecrow —
as I cross the stubble
he trips me up

my share of the snow
it weighs almost nothing
on top of my cap

the last leaf of all
it will be picked up
by hand

a shared winter
in the dog’s armpits
I warm my hands

yes, I say
to the blowsy yellow tulip,
yes, oh yes …

my foot in the bath
perhaps a mendicant’s
but not a buddha’s

some wasp-like creature
is sitting on my toe —
oh, for camouflage

churchyard beech
in the dead of night
I touch its buds


Patricia Prime

winter arthritis
my hot water bottle
grows cold

beside the frozen lake
snow-capped sign

winter garden
is it flat-leafed parsley
or a weed?

afternoon shadows
I tie the toddler’s laces
with a double knot

percussion session
at the kindergarten
throb of a headache

winter’s not so bad –
a mug of hot chocolate
beside the fire


Johannes S H Bjerg

a blank space –
cuddling the word ”fault”
I taste strawberry

'Bridge' (c) Marie Taylor

white poppies –
the still lake throws my face
back at me

even this –
a femur flute invaded
by ants

glass dolphin –
the Dinghy of Sighs floats
in a cathedral

mud altar –
a calendar marking each day
as spent

the earliest of mornings
Substance presents itself
as an apple


Angie Werren

circles in the water
she enters this room

summer pond
her body slipping
through the fog
I bookmark pages
with birthday photos

before sun appears
a soft call
the whistle of wing
water boils
I make tea

summer morning
there are two doors
one is open

mourning doves
this soft rain follows
the same path


Stella Pierides

swaying branch—
the hummingbird here and not

after sitting–
crawling out of its skin
a snake

roller coaster ride–
I learn how to still
my heart

attention seeking–
the organ grinder
and the monkey

the sun’s moment of

snow white–
stepping on my shadow
I lose the dream


Bill Ramsey

     morning glories
especially at dawn
love people

     from one heart
grow hundreds of hates—
except this minnow

     trickling into grasses
the urine feeling for
its modest way

     i could have crushed
the garden snail—
but i was slow

     monk burning himself—
once he’s out of skin
he’s out of time

     leaves falling—
in each release
there is Buddha


A. D’Agio

just now
soon now
be just here

emerging blossoms
veiled by
doubt filled suspensions

the universe sighed

 chase not the stars
but wait…
the sunrise

lily pad to lily pad
hoping for a place
without a leak

oak- even you must have been an acorn once


'Flood' (c) Marie Taylor

The next Showcase at the zen space will be the Winter 2012 which will be released (subject to karma) on 1st January 2012.



30 thoughts on “Autumn 2011 showcase

  1. jshb32 says:

    Wow, this turned out beautiful, Marie! Congrats.

  2. Terri French says:

    lovely! So, nice to see so many familiar names here.

  3. angie werren says:

    reading this showcase is very much like wandering through a garden.

  4. Beth says:

    May I just mention the beautiful artwork too 🙂

  5. tuni singh says:


  6. Pearl Elizabeth Dell May says:

    At last a real Haiku website with a feel for space.

  7. Albert says:

    Congrats on your new endeavor Marie 🙂
    I see you put a lot of hard work into this community

    and I hope it will be successful
    Malabu *rose*

  8. Beautifully zen. I look forward to your future releases.

  9. Peter Newton says:

    What a great way to wake up this morning . . . wandering through words & such great images. Congratulations to all on this maiden voyage.


  10. Marie Taylor says:

    From one Marie to another – thanks for inviting me to participate. Marie Taylor

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  12. Paul Smith says:

    What a wonderful find. The poems here are beautiful. Johannes is a poet I have come to know and greatly admire over the past 12 months. His work sits beautifully among these other great poets. Thank you All…

  13. Gil says:

    This page is delightful, wonderful work!

  14. P K Padhy says:

    I am extremely delighted visiting your website. It has been a pleasant reading. Many congratulations for showcasing the poetic moments. I happen to get about your site through Akita Haiku International Network.
    One small correction please. Showcase of Autumn 2011 instead of 2001 as posted on the link.

  15. philmadden says:

    Onlyjust found out about this through the BHS “The Brief”- it’s really enjoyable-how to submit?(haiku that is,not to the passing of time )

    • Click on the ‘Submission’ tab, Phil. We’re ‘full’ for the next Showcase (due out soon), but I will be announcing ideas etc. for future Showcases in the forthcoming one.

      I’m glad you have enjoyed this one.


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