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Inclusion in the zen space will normally be by invitation, but that is a discipline which the editor feels can be exercised with flexibility. Keep an eye on the bulletins on our home page – that’s where general invitations appear.

Haiku and related forms which show an understanding of writing in this way are invited. You may adhere to traditional rules, as far as such things pertain outside the Japanese language, or break them completely so long as the purpose and effect is clear. Arouse the editor’s attention, or take her breath away.

The editor will not suggest alterations, and will reproduce what you have written as faithfully as possible, but prefers work to be untitled.

Send a maximum of six pieces (that too is flexible; half a dozen, at a quick glance, can easily be five or seven). In sending them, you are declaring that they are your original work and are in your copyright; any infringement of copyright will be the contributing writer’s responsibility, not that of the zen space. Also in sending them, you are giving the zen space the right to reproduce them on this site, and in any future printed anthology, if such a thing should ever come about; beyond that they remain your intellectual property. The editor would prefer pieces that have not appeared elsewhere, but does not insist upon it and would be interested to know where they have appeared, if you would like to say.

Submissions will never be rejected outright but will be ‘banked’. Please do make a point of contacting the editor if you wish to withdraw a piece of work that has been banked.

Please submit by email to the address below.

Please do not submit work in comments to posts.

If you have questions about anything on this web site, please feel free to despatch a brief email to thezenspace{a} . The editor can’t promise to enter into protracted correspondence about submissions or about anything else, however.


Please ignore any adverts or “Sponsored Content” that appears anywhere in the pages of the zen space – they’re spam generated by the WordPress platform, and their appearance should not be taken to be an endorsement by the zen space or by its editor.


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