Spring 2013 Showcase

Miles to go © Marie Taylor

Miles to go © Marie Taylor

“Just a minute – that’s not a haiku!”

It might not be, but it might be here. I have said all along that haiku is the starting-place for the zen space, and that is why I canvass among the best haijin I can find. However, what I am looking for is poetry of few words and much immediacy. Remember – we’re on a river, and your leaves, paper boats, and (yes) even pooh-sticks have to float past on the current. So think on.

Many of the contributions in this particular Showcase have not been published anywhere else, and also many are from poets who have not appeared here before. This means I will have had to leave work by ‘regulars’ on the table for now. I know they’ll bear with me and will enjoy reading the new material. Meanwhile here are a few thoughts for the near future:

– the theme of ‘death’, for anyone who fancies composing jisei, or contemplating the great leap into eternity, or who can write a ‘sideways look’ at the subject;

– a competition to win a piece of artwork by our ‘resident’ illustrator Marie Taylor;

– a future issue (maybe the next one – yes, I know that’s what I said last time!) with a guest editor (maybe Angie Werren first, if she’s up for it).

The spring equinox has passed, and the clocks have just gone on to ‘British Summer Time’, but daytime temperatures in my nook of the forest aren’t much above 5oC. I’m weary of it. Time to warm us all up with some poetry, then…

Marie Marshall
the zen space


kate s godsey

hummingbird hovers
close enough to touch
childhood summers

scent of his ball-glove
how can i decline
his apology

bright moonlight
the luminosity
of everyday objects

the enchantment
of moonlit snowdrifts
time becomes white


Auricéia Dumke

silent watcher
the prey’s speech
suddenly interrupted

chaos outside
a writer works silently
near the fireplace

starry night
after so much rain
a painful neck

heavy luggage
taken here & there
carrying just thoughts


Mari Sanchez Cayuso

(c) Mari Sanchez Cayuso


Graham Duff

flying jacket
she slept
on the pillion

a halo
in cross stitch
crescent moon

on the marsh
star drift

his ink line


Andrew Shimield

the robin
about his business
nothing but himself


on the lake
February sun
knowing nothing of recession
the boy on the swing
kicks higher

–  after Buson
(p.p. Blithe Spirit)


chestnut beech and oak, the gutters fill with leaves


S M Abeles

Garden of Allah © Marie Taylor

Garden of Allah © Marie Taylor


letting go
the sun drops
into the sea

beach yoga
until we are
paper boats

the old monk’s
fading tattoo —
orange dusk


Joanna Ashwell

waking dreams
an early sunrise
chases the jabberwocky

inside and out
by the firelight
flames and snowflakes dance

in flood
thoughts racing
keeping pace with the river

fire brand
sunset alight
between cloud


Sounds Like Haikus’ by Peter Fulton

Sound is malleable
if we can speak in music
we don’t need English.

Shouts upon the waves
sound louder, carry farther
our liquid voices.

Men know from their eyes
women see with their ears
men are deaf and dumb.

The sound of your voice
is an entire choir
set free on the breeze.

Nothing can rouse me
like the note of your bouquet
where fingers can’t touch.


Patricia Prime

door to the café
propped open with a rock
and its shadow

the French windows
are open to summer sunshine
as if on a stage
we wait for colours to change
to the cadence of evening

as if painted
on a green landscape
sheep dot the hillside
coming to a standstill
at the edge of our gaze

is it enough
to be overcome with joy
at a few words
spoken in English
by a tiny Chinese girl?


N E Taylor

Refugees © Marie Taylor

Refugees © Marie Taylor


left turn
right turn
bus dance

low spirits


morning moon
gulls fly
breakfast time

in winter
snow coat

hot soup


Taylor Seyfert


Gamers are screaming
bottled rage on spit-flecked screens.
No one likes to die.



We both wanted to
be cat-footed tap dance men,
but just like always
his feet were faster than mine,
and I didn’t get the part.


The Day Before the Hanging

Slow-ringing, singing,
bells are all I hear tonight–
songs of home, and I
softly cry until dawn breaks
my neck, and sweet night bursts black.


[No Title]

Once upon a time
there was a little man-child
trapped inside of me


Ese’s Voice

a glimpse of blush
on geisha’ s ivory cheeks
early blossom

ocean inhales, exhales
wave turns into island
whale’ s last lullaby

garden is awake
white blossoms like young bride’ s dress
red tulip stands out

snow captures branches
dreams of spring hidden beneath
winter trees still numb


Michael Fessler

Afternoon © Marie Taylor

Afternoon © Marie Taylor


colleague of mine
who studied to be a priest
summer cocktail party

I wad the brochure
from the hardware store
into a colorful ball

the geisha has gone
behind the sliding door
leaving her laughter

sprig of jasmine
comes alive suddenly
dropping a flower

gingko leaves
trod to a fine powder
Philosophy Dept.

cold morning
a woman sits
on her hands


Readers might be interested in Phil Madden’s book The Tea Way, published by Gean Tree Press and available here.

Forthcoming publications to look out for, although well outside the normal remit of the zen space, are the editor’s new collection of poems I am not a fish (due out in April), and the anthology of 21c sonnets The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes (volume 1 due out in June); more news about these later. And don’t forget the Aval-Ballan Poetry Competition, which still has a month to run.


The next Showcase at the zen space will be Summer 2013 which will be released, subject to karma, on 1st July 2013. 

Please note the copyright of all written work and images used in this showcase and elsewhere in the zen space is held by the creating artist/author or by the zen space, even where not explicitly stated, and may not be used elsewhere without permission.


I am having some editing glitches. Would readers kindly inform the editor of any instance where the lay-out of the Showcase looks odd. Please give details of the internet browser you are using. Thank you.

Avenue © Marie Taylor

Avenue © Marie Taylor


16 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Showcase

  1. angie werren says:

    some wonderfully quiet voices here; a beautiful edition.
    love the art, too.

  2. Marie Taylor says:

    another beautiful presentation. well done.

  3. Beautiful! I certainly need to practice a lot to arrive at just an iota of your talent! With gratitude for sharing the beauty you capture in a few strokes!

  4. Are there no limitations to you talent. This all so beautiful Marie. I never could write haiku.

    • Now, I have to try to guess whether you’re talking to Marie Taylor the artist, or to Marie Marshall the editor. Either way, thank you cor your visit and for enjoying the work here. It always gives me great pleasure to feature talented writers and to have MT as the ‘resident artist’.

  5. cottonbombs says:

    Thank you for adding me to such a wonderful tapestry of art and poetry! I liked all I saw, but, the highlights were your artwork. Wow. Avenue and Miles to Go really stand out. Is that your brush work? Strokes of brilliance!

    • Hi. Let me get one thing out of the way first – the artwork in this Showcase is the work of Marie Taylor, not me. Too many Maries around here?

      As for the rest, glad you like it, Peter, and glad to have you woven into the tapestry.

      Marie Marshall

  6. phil Madden says:

    Very thoughtfully trying to avoid saying overthought things-just, I like it-the overall flow + the fact that wherever you might stop there is space

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  8. Thank you Marie, for once more including me among these beautiful pieces — SMA

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